Parental Consent Form
(For Children with accompanying Parents/Guardians)

I (We), being the lawful parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of the child mentioned above, hereby attest, acknowledge and understand that it shall be our responsibility to monitor and supervise our child/children while he/she/they enjoy and participate in the activities and attractions of DreamPlay. I (We) understand that the participation of the child in all activities and attractions within DreamPlay is subject to the minimum physical requirements such as height and weight limitations, imposed for the safety of DreamPlay’ s customers. I (We) understand that some of the activities offered at DreamPlay may carry inherent risks and dangers, both arising from mechanical equipment and from the nature of the different facilities and activities involved. Accordingly, I (We) hereby authorize any of the staff, employees, agents and representatives of DreamPlay to provide for, approve and authorize any first aid or emergency health care services to the child. If necessary, and in case the emergency persists, I (We) authorize DreamPlay staff to utilize emergency transportation such as, but not limited to, ambulance or such other emergency vehicles, to transport the child for medical purposes to the nearest available medical facility for proper medical treatment. If, by some reason or another, I (We) are not within the vicinity or cannot be located during the said emergency, efforts shall be made by DreamPlay staff to contact me (us) at the phone numbers provided above. Whenever possible, DreamPlay staff will use reasonable efforts to contact me (us) before administering or authorizing any treatment in such an event. Notwithstanding other provisions in this consent form, DreamPlay shall not have the authority to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining procedures for the child.

By entering the premises of DreamPlay together with my (our) child/children, I (We) hereby undertake to:
1) Observe and follow all policies, guidelines and instructions posted or otherwise given for the safety of all guests;
2) Use the facilities and equipment and allow my (our) child/children to participate in the activities responsibly and voluntarily, being fully aware of the attendant risks and dangers;
3) Accept responsibility for my (our) own safety and the safety of persons under my (our) charge; and
4) Hold the management and its officers and employees blameless for any injury howsoever severe and however caused, and or loss of property that I might sustain while inside the premises, if the same is due to my negligence, fault or breach of any policies, guidelines or instructions.

DreamPlay shall not be responsible for any injury to the child while inside the premises and while using the attractions, especially if the injury was a result of a child’s physical condition or special needs which was not disclosed to DreamPlay staff and management. DreamPlay shall also not be responsible for any adverse physical or allergic reaction of the child to any medication or food and/or beverage availed at DreamPlay. I (We) hereby assume all risk of injury or harm to the child/children associated with his/her/their participation in any and all activities and attractions within DreamPlay. I (We) agree to release, indemnify, defend and forever discharge DreamPlay, MCE Leisure (Philippines) Corporation, its affiliates and subsidiaries, as well as its staff, employees, and agents, from all liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions and causes of action in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to the child, or by the child, howsoever caused, arising or to arise by reason of or during the length of the child’s visit.

I (We) acknowledge that DreamPlay has the right to film, video, record or otherwise reproduce any image and/or voice of any guest who enters DreamPlay, and use the said film, video, record, image and/or voice for any non-commercial purpose, without any requirement to make payment to the guest. I (We) undertake that all personal photographs and/or videos taken within DreamPlay’s premises shall only be for our personal use and enjoyment. I (We) acknowledge DreamPlay’s absolute right to refuse the taking of any photograph or video recording inside DreamPlay’s premises without need of explanation whatsoever.

DreamPlay, in association with MCE Leisure (Philippines) Corporation, is committed to upholding the highest safety standards and regulations. By signing below, the parent/legal guardian understands that whilst DreamPlay personnel will be present for the duration of their children’s participation in or on an attraction, their movement throughout the facility will not be directly supervised by the Dreamplay personnel. Children are subject to all DreamPlay policies and regulations, and your attention as their parent/legal will immediately be called in case their actions violate said policies.